A Valentine’s Day in Cancun

This year Jay and I celebrated our 7th Valentine’s Day together in Cancun and it was probably our best ever. Everything came together perfectly and we spent this day of love with good food, good company, and good entertainment. The day started out with breakfast, cuddles and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.


I made a quick trip to the gym, which was almost completely empty, more so than even Christmas Eve! We then headed over the pier for a music event. We drank Starbucks, listened to music and soaked in the sun.




We ate dinner at a cute little restaurant called Mr. Lasagna. It is owned by an Italian who is married to a Mexican. The food is all homemade and tastes like you’ve been transported to Italy. We got wine, bruchetta, lasagna, and dessert all for under $25.




After dinner we headed over to the casino for their Valentine’s Day promotion. Not only did we win $15 we got “married.” There was a veil and Elvis so it must be legitimate right?


When we got home we took Diablo on a walk and got mauled by a large group of neighbourhood children. They especially love Jay (who acts like the cool uncle) and we ended up talking to them for 2 hours!

The only negative part about celebrating Valentine’s Day in Mexico is they do not have cinnamon hearts here!! This, for me, is especially tragic as they are one of my all time favourite candies. Luckily one of my friends from Canada came to Mexico this week and brought with her a large bag. I’m (somewhat) ashamed to admit that I’ve already destroyed it. I guess it’s back to the gym for me!