Trying to Out Run a Cloud

One thing I find about living in a tropical climate is that the weather can be unpredictable. While it’s usually sunny out, the weather can go from beach-worthy to thunderstorm in what seems like minutes. On one seemingly sunny day Jay decided that he wanted to take a ride up to Isla Blanca to go kiteboarding, so we got our stuff together and headed out on our motorcycle. About 2 minutes into our trip the sky went dark and it started pouring. We took cover in a library and waited it out (about 15 minutes). When it stopped we tried to watch the clouds and plot their route. It seemed like they were not headed in the same direction as us. As we continued driving however, it quickly became apparent that the clouds had changed direction and were now chasing us! If we slowed down for even a few minutes we could feel the edge of the cloud above us. Instead of turning back like most sane people we decided to go anyway. The downpour at the library had only lasted 15 minutes so Jay thought we could just wait it out once we got there. Once we got to Isla Blanca we ran to an area with some palm trees, got out our towel and poncho and waited for the rain to catch us. Within minutes it began to pour and we huddled under our makeshift “tent” and did some hangman puzzles.



Jay’s plan didn’t quite work, however. 1 hour later we were still waiting for the rain to stop. I guess the clouds shifted on our ride up to Isla Blanca and instead of a quick shower we ended up caught 20 km from home during a full blown rain fall. After about 90 minutes we were finally able to drive home. Thank goodness for palm trees, towels and crossword books!



There was one great thing about getting stuck in the rain: we got to experience the most complete, unobstructed view of a rainbow we’ve ever had!