Struggles With a Hostel Room Door

**Main content originally posted in My Top 5 Hostel Bloopers on Jay’s blog, Jay in Cancun.

One day, I hung/wrapped a plastic Hawaiian party necklace around part of the deadbolt on the inside of our door. Some time later, I went out, locking the deadbolt behind me.

When I came home, I found that I couldn’t open our door. The plastic necklace had become tangled in the bolt, preventing it from sliding open. Oops. Luckily, the door opens out into the hall, meaning that the hinges are accessible from outside the room.

With the help of a neighbor, I used a butcher knife and a hammer to pop the door off its hinges & enter the room.

Hostel Room

Apparently the hostel door did not like Jay, for as easily as it got stuck, it also liked to open unexpectedly….

After my 3rd shower one day (I’m hot a lot here!), I came into our room & closed the door. Then, Jen asked me to come over & look at something on her computer… something that was so funny or engrossing (like our puppy dreaming) that it just couldn’t wait until I put on some pants. So I hurried over to see what it was.

Some time later, as I was standing beside Jen, I heard a noise outside & realized something…

You see… a while ago, annoyed by our doorknob (which automatically locks when it clicks shut), I had rigged a bungee cord with a stopper on it, so that, if we choose to, we can “close” the door without it clicking & locking. A great idea, until you’re half-naked in your room & you forget about the stopper & a gust of wind opens the door that you thought was firmly closed.



The bungee + stopper contraption is still on the door, but now we try to remember to push the stopper down & make sure the door clicks when we don’t want it to open.


Luckily, I don’t think anyone saw me naked, but, because you can see into our room from the main stairwell, I’ll never be 100% sure.