Kite Festival 2015

After accidentally finding the annual Isla Blanca Kite Festival last year, we not only came back, but we became volunteers! All the money raised goes to Cancun Pro Kids, an orphanage for abused children. It’s the perfect event for me as it combines my work with children and non-profits, and my love of Mexico.


The Kite Festival, organized by kite flyer Charles Stewart and Dorothy Ross, celebrated its 7th anniversary this year with nearly perfect weather. Throughout the day the children from the orphanage (girls Saturday, boys Sunday) flew kites that they had decorated on the beach, and a variety of kites were available for purchase from 60 pesos. There was also a raffle (tickets 10 pesos) for a variety of prizes ranging from kites to dinner for two at Pericos. Mario from Pericos also did an amazing job as DJ for the event, as well as supplying food for the children and volunteers.


Professional kite flyer Penny Lingenfelter was at the event doing demonstrations with her beautiful kite.


Penny also put on a Super Mario Brothers skit for the kids entitled One Sky, One World, all about sharing.

Mushroom Mario Brothers

Yes, Jay was a mushroom and he was excellent.



After lunch there was a candy drop. This is just like a Mexican pinata, but instead of a paper mache figure, the candy comes from a kite! It doesn’t get much better than candy falling from the sky. Unless you are competative and participated in the “Running of the Bowls.” Strap on a kite and race to the finish line- if you can. It’s harder than it looks!

Kite races

Hundreds of people attended the event and supported Cancun Pro Kids, including Roberto, Cancun’s own kite doctor, who supplied many of the kites (including the candy drop).  If you are in Cancun on the last weekend of February next year, make the short trek up to Isla Banca- it’s worth it! If you’d like to donate money or supplies to Cancun Pro Kids please check out their website for contact/donation information or message me and I will get you in touch with the right person.

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