I am a woman from Toronto, Canada and I have lived in Mexico (on and off) since 2012 (often during the Canadian winter). After I lost my job and the apartment my partner (Jay) and I were renting was sold, we decided that instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we would use it as an opportunity to make a change. Jay found a cheap flight to Cancun and even though neither one of us had ever been, we made it our home for the next year. I started blogging to keep our family and friends up to date with our new lives, but soon realized that I loved the online expat community! While in Mexico a stray dog adopted us, and Mexico became our second home. 


While Jay and I no longer always travel together, I have made it my mission to explore as much of the Yucatan (and Mexico) as possible! When we are in Mexico together we live downtown in a manzana near the main square. We have a motorcycle, a kite board and spend most of our free time at the beach or hanging out with Diablo.   S

About Jen

I’ve had the travel bug since I can remember. When I was younger I dreamed of building homes in South America with Habitat for Humanity. When I was a young adult I dreamed of teaching English in Kenya. I’ve always tried to avoid the 9-5 rut and have never been good at working for someone else. I’m really awful at office politics. The problem is, I’ve never liked change. What’s a girl to do? Surround herself with people who force her to take risks! My love of scrapbooking has now found its online persona.

Facts about Jen:

-I was allergic to chocolate until I was 26

-I have asthma

-I’m addicted to coffee and obsessed with Muppets

-I have an honours degree in English; my favourite plays are Waiting for Godot and Hamlet

-My heart is in non-profit work and education


About Jay

Jay, like me, never found his office self. He thinks outside the box and has made a living by being creative. He loves dogs, warm weather and he swims like a fish. Travelling is in his blood and meeting new people is one of his favourite hobbies. He is very active; whether it’s hockey or kiteboarding, he is always on the go. Never one to follow rules, I wonder if they had him in mind when they coined the term “jaywalking.”

Facts about Jay

-He was born in Edmonton

-He eats enough chocolate to make up for my lost years

-He knows random facts about everything. He has applied to be on Jeopardy. You will rarely find him  without something to read.

-He owns the world’s largest online collection of celebrity anecdotes

-He has a double honours degree in Engineering and Economics