5 Drinks You Must Try in Mexico

I wrote previously about foods to try in Mexico, but drinks are just as important! You haven’t truly experienced Mexico until you’ve tried some of these favourites.

5. Aguas Frescas

These “fresh waters” are very popular in Mexico and you will find them at just about every restaurant or food stall. They are essentially sugared water combined with fruit, cereal, flowers, or seeds. The most common flavours here are horchata, tamarindo, and jamaica. Our favourites are watermelon and horchata. Horchata is a drink that has a milk-like consistency, but is traditionally dairy free and made from rice, almonds, cinnamon and vanilla. It is now sometimes made with milk, but the final product tastes similar. It’s kind of like drinking blended rice pudding, which is all kinds of awesome.

4. Hot Chocolate

Everyone loves hot chocolate, but Mexicans bump it up a notch. This isn’t surprising since it was the Mayans who discovered it 2000 years ago. Along with chocolate and sugar, traditional Mexican hot chocolate also includes cinnamon and vanilla (and maybe a dash of cayenne pepper). Add a pan dulce or a churro and you’ve won me over!

3. Atole

Atole is kind of like rice pudding made with corn. The drink ranges in consistency from pudding- like to very thin and is especially popular during the Christmas season and around the Day of the Dead. It is a great comfort food for those chilly evenings in the winter or for a hearty breakfast.

2. Machacado de Frutas

These are just about the best thing ever. Combine some smashed fresh fruit, shaved ice, vanilla and a dollop of condensed milk and you’ve got yourself a Mexican Machacado. It reminds me a bit of Baobing (Chinese shaved ice dessert) but in a cup and with more of an emphasis on the fruit.

1. Rompope

Rompope is the Mexican version of egg nog- but with the alcohol already built in! Made with eggs, milk, vanilla and rum, it’s a very popular drink for celebrations. It’s also often used in deserts or as a topping. Jay and I got some for Christmas and are quite enjoying it!