5 Cancun Bars You Wont Want to Miss

Cancun is known worldwide for it’s crazy nightlife, but there are so many bars and clubs to choose from it’s hard to make a decision! I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best bars- from crazy parties to pool and pints, from the hotel zone to the local watering hole.

5. Senior Frogs

If you are looking for a fun club atmosphere this is the place to go. Located at Km 9.5 in the Hotel Zone, this is a favourite for tourists. If you like themed parties (like foam and glow in the dark), balloon hats, and lots of dancing you should check it out. It is a restaraunt during the day, but turns into party central at night. It’s a bit goofier than some of the more serious night clubs in the hotel zone, but it’s hard to leave without a smile on your face. Some of the best deals can be found online, so do some research before your visit!

Senor Frogs

4. Congo Bar

Across the street from Senor Frogs you will find another great party going on at Congo Bar. Great music, lots of dancing and attentive servers make this a fun spot. It’s not as big as some of it’s competitors, but it’s open to the street on 2 sides, making it seem less claustrophobic and allowing you to soak in the entire hotel zone atmosphere. It’s owned by the famous Coco Bongo, so if you’re interested, see if you can get a deal, allowing you access into both!

Congo Bar

3. Route 666

If you are looking for something a bit more low key, or want to escape the craziness of the hotel zone, consider Route 666 at the intersection of Av. Yaxchilan and Av. Xcaret in downtown Cancun. It’s officially a motorcycle bar, but anyone is welcome to stop by and enjoy some rock music and the great street atmosphere. Take the R2 bus out of the hotel zone and get off at Yaxchilan; if you hit the stop for Walmart you’ve gone a few blocks too far. During you week you will find some great deals on food and drink, so check them out online before picking a day to visit!

Route 666 Cancun

2. McCarthy’s Irish Pub

If you are feeling the luck of the Irish, pop over to McCarthy’s Irish Pub in Plaza Solare (at the intersection of Bonampak and Sayil). Live music, 2×1 drinks between 4-9pm and a free pool table make this bar a wise choice. Go on Tuesday evening for 2×1 burgers, or on Mondays for cheap wings. They broadcast most sports events and are right across the street from one of Cancun’s biggest malls so it’s easy to make a day out of this great local gem. For non locals: take the R2 to the edge of the hotel zone and then take a short $2 taxi ride to the bar.

McCarthy's Irish Pub

1. Macumba

Want the flair and excitement of the hotel zone with a local twist? Visit Macumba at the intersection of Av. Yaxchilan and Uxmal. Mixing the cultures of Mexico and Cuba, this bar and salsa club is sure to get you dancing. Visit Thursday through Saturday for the best parties or go earlier in the evening for dinner. You’ll find Macumba right at the beginning of the main entertainment area in downtown Cancun, so if you need a break from dancing, you can take a walk down Yaxchilan and enjoy the local atmosphere.