10 Reasons You Should Own A Hammock

10. Space

Beds take up a lot of space. This means less space for important things like shoes and clothes. Plus, if you travel a lot they are light weight and easy to carry around in a pack.

9. Inspiration

I find that I do my best thinking while surrounded by nature. Going on a walk or watching a sunset can produce deep meaningful thoughts and ideas. Hammocks tend to evoke a sense of being close to the earth. Rocking back and forth is also soothing and allows you to relax and open up your mind. Jay often goes to the hammock when he needs to think about something, and so far it seems to be working.

8. They are Fun

Let’s face it. Swinging in a hammock is like a little ride. It’s fun.

7. Healthy Back

Many people rave about how good a hammock is for your back. They are said to relieve pressure points and can help cure back problems. There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence for this yet, but considerable anecdotal evidence. If you have back pain it’s worth a shot!

6. Beat Insomnia

There is some scientific evidence that hammocks help you fall asleep faster and into a deeper sleep. There is something about the rocking motion of a hammock that is hard to resist. Jay tries to work in one during the day and I often find him taking unplanned naps!


5. Free Air Conditioning

Who needs to pay for air conditioning when you can make your own! On a hot day there is nothing quite like swinging in a hammock and feeling the air rush over you. Unlike most furniture, you wont stick to a hammock, nor will you burn yourself when you sit down, even if it has been sitting out in the sun. It’s no wonder you see them everywhere in hot climates- they’re a life saver!

4. In Home Bowling

If you are anything like Jay this perk will not go unnoticed (or used). Whenever I come over to see Jay and he doesn’t want to be disturbed he pushes off just as I’m about to approach.

3. Price

They are cheap. Even a really good quality hammock is about 10% of the price of a cheap bed. It’s hard to argue with that.

2. Romance

Whether you buy a double hammock or hang two side by side, swinging peacefully with your significant other is definitely romantic. It might take some getting used to, but a hammock will add some uniqueness to your relationship!


1. Sometimes you Fall 

The house we are currently staying in has hammock hooks, but they are too far apart for our hammock to fit without some adjustments. So Jay, doing his Jay thing, set up a hammock hack to make it longer. It was working great until the friction caused the extra rope to fray and Jay ended up slightly closer to the ground than he expected.